Because willpower is not enough


"Decided to reduce first…"

I have been a smoker for almost 38 years with about 47 cigarettes a day. Nothing else worked for me until a friend introduced me to NoBacco. I made a decision to reduce first as I did not want to fail with abrupt stoppage to smoking. I found that in the very first 2 days my cigarette consumption went down to 8-9 from 47, and over the next few days stabilized at around 10-11, with consuming not more than 8 jellies of 1 mg a day. These jellies are quite tasty, and have no side effects when consumed as prescribed. I salute NoBacco, and hope to end smoking completely in the next 5 months.
- Sudhir Yadav

"I could not keep my promise to my wife…"

A smoker for about 25 years, I could not give up smoking even after promising my wife during her pregnancies or after many attempts. However, early this year for medical reasons when I decided to reduce smoking, I contacted NoBacco team which advised me on the usage of product. Though, I have given up smoking completely within three months, I still consume NoBacco to overcome craving or avoid relapse. It does not cost more than what smokers spend on cigarettes and it definitely helps keep lungs clean and blood glucose level well under control, by giving up smoking at one’s preferred pace. Thank You NoBacco!!
- C P Jha

"Feel fresh and younger."

I was unable to kick the habit for almost 15 years. I tried a lot but nothing really worked. I would soon return to smoking until I heard the NoBacco ad on Radio. I immediately called their helpline where I got excellent assistance. In fact the NoBacco team has been the tower strength for me when I had just started using the product. It took me about 4 months to be free from the curse called tobacco. Thank you verrrrrrrrry much NOBACCO, I never felt so fresh and young before.
- Jasbir Singh Sachdev

"NoBacco is superior to other products."

Congratulations for launching NoBacco. My family physician recommended me Nicotex, Nicorette, etc. since he didn't know about NoBacco. I found them too bland, crass and horrible in terms of taste, effect and experience. However, I got introduced to your product NoBacco and since then I have been using it regularly. I am convinced that NoBacco is the solution to smoking.
- A successful quitter

"NoBacco is a wonderful product."

I bought NoBacco for my father-in-law who used to take tobacco 14 to 15 times in a day. But because of this product now he’s stopped to take any type of tobacco. He used NoBacco for 3 months. Thanks for such a wonderful and useful product.
- Pooja Singh

"I will quit by September 2013"

I used to smoke 40 cig a day for 25 years. I had used nicotine patches and gum to quit smoking but no result. Then, I came to know about NoBacco in a BEST advertisement. I tried all the three dosages of NoBacco - 1 mg, 2 mg and 4 mg. But soon I realized that 2 mg suited me perfect. I have been having NoBacco 2 mg for the last 5 months. It has helped me reduce my smoking from 40 to only 3 cigarettes a day. NoBacco is an excellent product for anyone who has set his/her goal to quit smoking. My goal is to quite smoking completely by September 2013
Thank you NoBacco, you are a WONDER DRUG!
- Mitesh Soni

"I could reduce smoking…"

NoBacco has helped me to reduce smoking subsequently. My intake has almost been reduced by 50%.Thanks a lot for the guidance and also for the product which helped me to reduce the smoke intake. Nobacco is a wonderful product and I am sure that I will quit smoking with the help of it very soon.
- Anuradha Khare

"And I quit smoking with Nobacco."

I used to smoke a packet of Gold Flake daily and some times even more. But your product gave me a lot of confidence and support to stop smoking. I also received a nice & kind support from your team. I have totally given up smoking from 26th March 2012.
- Mangesh Patil

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